Smoking Cessation

How do I quit?   Laser Therapy  

The application of specific frequencies of laser light has been scientifically proven to increase blood supply and stimulate our bodies cells to produce more energy for healing and regeneration. At the same time, this increased energy allows the cells and tissues to remove toxins that accumulate and interfere with the healing process.

 Laser Therapy targets the same nerve endings in the brain that nicotine does by stimulating a flood of endorphin through certain key neuro-chemical pathways on the ears, nose, fingers and wrist, the pituitary and hypothalamus.  This stimulation of pain relieving chemicals called endorphin’s alleviate most, if not all of your nicotine cravings. In addition, there can be appetite suppression and relaxation to combat the common side effects of quitting smoking.

Is it safe?

Low-level laser has been deemed by the FDA as a non-significant risk device. It is a bio-stimulation laser not a surgical laser. Because of the low power nature of low level Laser Therapy, the effects are biochemical and not thermal so you will feel no pain associated with the therapy. In fact, most people describe an extremely relaxed feeling after being treated.

Is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately, because of the complexities of the psychological side of the addiction, no one can force you to stop smoking, but we can help to eliminate the withdrawal and physical cravings with the use of this treatment.  Nicotine addiction consists of two factors: the physical addiction and the mental addiction.  Therefore, while we cannot make a guarantee, we will do everything in our power to ensure your success.