MicroLaser Peel

For many years, the carbon dioxide laser (CO2) was a popular surgeon’s tool for laser skin resurfacing, or peeling. Its use has been limited due to the risk of scarring and pigmentary changes resulting from the deep thermal damage (or heat build-up) produced in the skin. The introcuction of the Erbium laser now allows the same type of excellent results but with much less risk of complications. The new Sciton MicroLaser Peel is a light to moderate peel that is ideal for wrinkles, sun-damage, and overall improvement of the skin’s texture and tone.

When the skin is treated with the Sciton Erbium laser, a clean, layer-by-layer vaporization of the skin occurs. The undesired skin literally evaporates due to the high water content of the epidermis. The laser is, therefore, best-suited for those skin conditions which are superficial in nature, such as fine lines and wrinkles, blotchiness (or dark and light patches), keratoses (pre-cancers), scaling, acne scarring, etc. The skin in these conditions is resurfaced or “rejuvenated” by the vaporizing action of the laser.

The procedure is quick and virtually pain-free. The initial healing process takes place over 2-7 days depending on the depth of the peel. The result is younger looking “new” skin. Because the Sciton Erbium laser is so precise, the risk of scarring or other complications (such as infection) is minimized. Also, it is typical for a patient to return to his or her regular work or social activities almost right away.